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ADAM Bresnen

Adam Bresnen is a versatile experimental artist from New Brighton who has been creating some of the art works for Victoria Quarter street art project including the murals covering The Harbour pub and the one legged 'Peggy Gadsby’ diver piece on side of The New Brighton Hotel. 


Adam, or 'Brez' as his street art tag appears, is also the creator of the ultraviolet murals of music legends that can be found inside the Oakland building and in the basement of Rockpoint Records.


Adam is a highly qualified artist, having completed an Art Foundation course, an Information Illustration course and a Degree in Fine Art here in the UK. Studying various techniques and styles along the way, Adam eventually developed his own style in a variety of art forms -- from portraiture produced on different surfaces to street art.

Adam was one of the founders of Fallout Factory -- a Liverpool based art gallery and CIC that became a hub for local artists, whilst hosting international art exhibitions and offering international art exchanges and multi disciplined art forms. In addition to this, Adam is also a successful music artist, having played at Festival No.6, Soundcity and Kendal Calling with his band VEYU and having appeared in NME and Q magazines and The Guardian.

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