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Nomad Clan

Nomad Clan is the collective of Cbloxx and AYLO, an internationally-acclaimed, street art muralist duo based in Manchester UK.

The power and pathos in their muralism and fine art showcase both the craft and social awareness of cultural flux for which they are known. Although primarily recognised for their iconic monumental street murals around the world they are no stranger to installations and studio based woks. 


Through years of collaboration Nomad Clan have fine tuned their artistic fusion that delivers an unmistakable style. Each mural has a strong significance to the environment it sits in, combining playful scenes often from local heritage with stylistically detailed portraits of characters from some of the tales they hear in the varied locations they visit to paint. The main focus of the work is to proudly celebrate local history, folklore and heritage but on a deeper level often contains the socioeconomic issues affecting the area, for example the demise of the fishing industry, environmental awareness, the plight of refugees & migration, closures of mills and lack of jobs, inner city social deprivation and other politicised topics. Nomad Clan's extensive muralism has given them insight into less publicised global issues, whether out in the desert wastelands of California exploring largey abandoned towns, running creative projects in Flint during the water crisis or working out in refugee camps in Calais, each experience creeps into studio work and muralism alike and with this fusion of past and present the viewer is invited to explore, compare and contrast.

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